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Free Measurement

Free Measurement

Before we do our (free) measurements it would be advisable for you to take a look at our web site, namely our galleries , so you could get familiarized with our work. Galleries at our web site are filled with awesome and unique furniture that will facilitate the idea of the final look of your new furniture. Read more…

Free Montage

Free Montage

For installation of furniture where it is recommended to hire a specialist (as is the case with bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms and the kitchen), we will gladly help. Read More …

Design your Kitchen

Design your Kitchen

We have prepared for you an online application with which you can design a kitchen for your needs and taste. Choose a color for individual elements or entire kitchen and let our application evoke your future look of your home. Read More…

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MANITU Ltd. is a company that arranges highly aesthetic interior that provides professional services to design, decoration and furnishing of private and commercial premises.

It was founded in 2007 and is within 100% in Croatian ownership whit primary activity on the raw materials market. In 2010 Manitu Ltd. enriched its offer and launched his own production of custom-made furniture and interior decoration of residential and commercial space.

The primary objective of the company’s business and it’s philosophy is simple: understand customer needs, to meet the demands and ultimately exceed all their expectations! More…

Times are hard and thus fore it is important to save money at every step in your life. So, what do we offer? We have adapted to your demands and wishes, as our future customer, and that is why we are willing and are ready to meet your needs and help you out as our future customer when it comes to advice in selecting of materials in accordance with your wishes and possibilities.

Our customers also have variety of choices in payment  methods as well as in more favorable prices. With us you can always make an inquiry or request a 3D sketch of your future furniture with no obligation to purchase the same. More…

When decorating your home, most of you are not satisfied with industrial furniture that is being produced in thousands of copies. That is why, according to your needs and wishes, we offer furniture from our own production made of the finest materials and highest quality fittings on which we give a lifetime warranty.

With individual approach to every customer we create furniture with an emphasis on functionality, personality, quality and modern design. With our controlled process of design and production, we reduce delivery time, from measure to installation, to only 25 to 30 days, depending on your specific requirements and orders. More…

Portadizajn Ltd. the importer of the brand PORTA DOORS and VERTE company PORTA KMI POLAND – the largest European manufacturers of interior doors and windows for the Republic of Croatia, and the company Manitou Ltd. can proudly say that they are their reliable partner. More…

Our Reliable Partner Our Reliable Partner

Portadizajn Ltd.


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