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What is the best material for furniture?

What is the best material for furniture?

By on Apr 7, 2017 in Tips

When you decide to buy furniture there are a lot of the things that you need to take into account. The most common guiding principle for many of us is: “buy cheap but let it be good quality to”. Luckily, today the most expensive material for making furniture does not necessarily mean that it is also of the highest quality. It all depends on which part of the apartment you plan on furnish and what purpose will that furniture have, what will be his function and its position in the room. For instance, solid wood, which is generally the most expensive, will be extremely dysfunctional in the bathroom if it is treated with wax or oil because it will soon become deformed due to the amount of moisture in the air.

When buying furniture it is wise to consult yourself with an experienced carpenter and decide for custom made furniture. Not only will the dimensions of a particular piece of furniture be in line with the needs of your room, you also have the ability to influence the choice of the materials.


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The most commonly used as a basis for making furniture is chipboard, basically, a particle board coated with laminate on both sides. This is a commercial name for chipboard refined with decor paper that was firstly impregnated with melamine resins. Of course, this process is done under high pressure and temperatures. The cheapest among all, so-called ”white chipboard”, chipboard is used in all less visible parts of furniture, and sometimes even in the complete furniture piece. never the less, because of the aesthetic component, often, customers choose to use the more expensive varieties – like chipboard coated with laminate in color, wood imitation, glossy laminate or those that are coated with an acrylic layer. Chipboard coated with the acrylic layer is more expensive than the basic white one for about half of the price, so be sure to consult first with an expert before you make a final decision.


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Medium Density Fiber or MDF are plates that are more expensive in price range due to the advantages and benefits of the material – greater resistance to moisture, easier milling processing fineness, and finishing. Small porosity in cross section is used in processing and coating what increases the application of MDF in furniture making, primarily in fronts of different forms. Simultaneously, Many decide for MDF as a bearing material for veneering, finishing veneer, laminates, foil, etc… Most often, because of resistance to moisture, MDF is being used in bathrooms or kitchens.


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Plywood, its appearance, reminiscent of the real wood. This is actually a product that is being made out of the wood – these are actually slim wood leaves ( from 0,6 do 1,5 mm) made by cutting wood, mainly from oak, ash, cherry or walnut tree which are being glued to a chipboard or MDF by pressing. This way you get a material which by its color, texture and its tactile impression has characteristics of natural wood, but without its disadvantages. Therefore, the wooden veneer is extremely popular and durable. The only drawback is the price, which can be twice as much as the price of chipboard – especially if you decide to use the veneer of some exotic species.


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