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Custom Made Kitchens

Custom Made Kitchens

By on Aug 4, 2015 in Tips

There are some hard times upon us with crisis and recessions. But, as people say, where there is some evil in a thing a good thing can be found also. That is why this crisis and recessions helped people realized, or should we say, made them more aware of the quality of products they purchase. Everybody want’s to save money, to go as cheap as possible, but when it comes to kitchen, most people do not buy their kitchen every two years and are, in the long run,  prepared to pay  a bit more for quality and long lasting kitchen. This is why are custom made kitchens a perfect solution for every budget.Not that ago, few years back, products that you could buy were fewer quantity, but the quality was really high. Surely most of you  still have a table, chairs, kitchen or other wooden piece of furniture that exceeds 30 years but which still looks good and is almost indissoluble. After the epoch of quality furniture followed the era of mass and serial production where the cost of such furniture dropped drastically, but with it, unfortunately, so did quality to.

Today we are witnessing the mass sales at showrooms where the kitchen, for example, are offered at a 50% discount. You are probably asking yourselves how is it possible that the cost of the kitchen can be so low? Well, actually the answer is very simple: the answer lies in the combination of cheap materials of inferior quality and mass production.

With custom made kitchens everything is different. They are not serial or mass produced rather individually according to the requirements of clients. While the classic showroom kitchens will not always match the dimensions of space, custom made kitchen definitely will. The advantages of custom made kitchens are their flexibility – regardless of space and dimensions available for installation,  manipulation of elements in a given space and performance possibilities are virtually limitless.

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Why is custom-made kitchen better than the showroom kitchen?

How many times have you hit the kitchen cabinet that was just a little too big, how many times has the tape unglued itself, how many times have drawer guides worn of  and how many time did you hear door squeak? The answer to at least some of these questions is yes if you have bought the premade kitchen from the shop, especially the ones bought on mega discounts.

Furniture that has been custom made wears the name “CUSTOM“with a reason. The manipulation of elements and their combination in space is almost limitless,which primarily depends on your needs, wishes, preferences. Choosing a custom made kitchen you determine which materials will be used and thus fore you choose the long-term satisfaction with the quality of your kitchen. If you’re not into materials, do not worry; a true professional masters will give you quality advice on what and how it would be best for your needs with the expected price. Even those of you who are a little more demanding, those who know exactly what they want, will definitely be satisfied. If you, for example, fancy some designer kitchen with signature that is way out of the reach of your budget, the real master can replicate the design wit ease and make it fit to your space.

Kuhinjski element | manitu.hrKitchen units are the most important part of your kitchen. In addition to selecting the front that make the visual part of the kitchen, and can be made in a variety of colors, shapes and materials, great importance should be given to the functionality of the cabinet. Storage space needs to as large as possible. The more deeper and larger cabinets you select for your kitchen the more satisfied you’ll be.

Also note that when creating custom made kitchen masters can make your kitchen adjusted to your height. A few inches more or less in the height of the working surface is almost crucial, because no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen you do not want to constantly have to bent or use a ladder to take something from the top shelf. Such adaptation in height will help people with all sizes perform their tasks in kitchen with less effort.

Decorating the kitchen, especially if you have chosen to go with custom made kitchen, in addition to being a financial liability, it is also a process that requires a certain period of time. Before selecting the right design for your kitchen it is necessary to consider a variety of styles, types of organization and align it with the existing furniture in the house, but you also need to take your personal affinities in consideration as well because good custom made kitchen enhances the entire home. Therefore, do not rush! Allow your self plenty of time for thinking when choosing a custom made kitchen so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the quality and functionality of your culinary delights oasis. If you have any more questions please do contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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