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Five simple tips for assembling furniture

Five simple tips for assembling furniture

By on Aug 26, 2015 in Tips

You must have often faced the problem of assembling the furniture. By buying furniture, you will surely receive instructions for assembly. Unfortunately, often are these instructions vast, barely legible and it is very difficult to understand them. When you have mastered the first step and you’re almost sure you understand the manufacturer’s instructions you are in for a big surprise, the real work lies ahead. Before you start to assemble your peace of furniture read our five simple tips for assembling furniture that will save you time and facilitate the whole process of “do it yourself” assembling.



Use Cordless DrillUse a cordless drill (screwdriver) instead of a regular screwdriver. Cordless Drill with various extensions (drills) greatly facilitates the process of assembling the furniture. While you’ll have a real hard time working with regular screwdriver (even if you are assebling small pieces of furniture), Cordless Drill is a great choice of tools, and it is also very practical when your piece of furniture need to be mounted on the wall.


Use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer. All that pile of wooden pegs, which are an integral part of the package, they will need to be  set into right place so they could  attach two boards or plywood. Additionally you’ll often need a wood glue that you’ll have to put, in small quantities, into the slots for wooden wedges and when you finally connect the two parts of plywood a significant kick will be required for every part to perfectly snap into place. By using an ordinary hammer you can easily damage the chipboard, while the rubber mallet evenly distributes force and thus contributes to better adherence of furniture. Pay attention only to an important detail: buy the white mallet to avoid leaving traces on the furniture.



Separate and count all the parts. Before you begin to assembl you should organize material and check and count the number of screws, planks, wooden wedges and other parts; in other word: check that the contents of your package fully corresponds with the elements needed to assemble your furniture pieces. Also take extra care when sorting the type and length of the screws. If only one screw is missing or does not match the size and there you have itunnecessary trouble.



Adjust before assembly. Due to the the fact that you’re assembling furniture on your own, and you need, for instance, a hole for a cable or you just want to add your personal touch of individuality by painting certain shelf or gluing a foil, sticker, tapestry or something similarg, do it when the elements are separated rather than after assembly. This is to avoid accidental staining or damaging other parts.


How to assemble furniture


Plan, prepare, clean and empty the space where you plan to assemble the furniture. This advice may seem too obvious, but it is of utmost importance to prepare and provide enough space for the assembly of furniture. When assembling large pieces of furniture you really need a whol lot of space so you don’t get your self in to situation where you’ll be cramped in half crouch or, for that matter, in any unnatural and uncomfortable position while assembling one of your new peace of furniture.


These five simple, yet very effective, tips for assembling furniture will come in very handy in your little “do it your self” adventure. Arm your self with patience and remember all good things take time.


However, if you are in a hurry or you dont have proper tools or knowledge it would be best to leave the job to professionals. We at Manitu Ltd. know that the time is the moust precios value and that is why we’ll help you asseble your furniture for free, so you cold do something else with your time. If you have any questions regarding furniture do send us a nmessage.

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