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Four tips to the office of your dreams

Four tips to the office of your dreams

By on Feb 12, 2017 in Tips

Office space is a place where an employee spends most of his day. There fore, to encourage creative and working atmosphere, arranging office space is of utmost importance because it has to be pleasant to the employee, as well as to clients and so to business partners.

When thinking of arranging office space, it is wise to stick to a few simple tips. Some of the most important will be presented in this article.



1. Choose lighter shades of the walls and neutral colors


Lighter shades of the walls radiate warmth and seriousness, and this is an element that is essential in the business world. You do not want to scare the client with bright and intense colors that work blatant and aggressive. Neutral shades have a double effect – they enhance concentration and calming effect, and are ideal for small offices, as for the offices or rooms that lack natural light. With bright and neutral shades of the walls it will be more easily for you to adjust and equipped office space cause you wont have any problem in fitting in the most of the office furniture out there. How ever, you can afford for one wall or just a part of the wall to color it with some vivid color that will give the office spacial feeling of joy an radiate with additional boldness and style.


2. Place wall shelves


Wall shelves in the appropriate places will ensure the maximum utilization of space in the office. You will also by carefully selecting shelf, restore order in any office and get rid of the accumulation of papers on his desk. Wall shelves do not take up much space, and are very practical. You can use small tricks for breaking the monotony – you should put shelves of different colors or even different and funky shapes on to your office walls.



3. Put a special, unique detail


What do we mean? Well, here it is either on the selection of chairs, an armchair or freakish designed sofas or a detail such as pictures, a lamp or decorative vase that attracts attention. We’re not talking about something overly intrusive, but rather of detail that will refresh your office and eventually break the monotony of your space.


4. Buy high-quality office chairs


You should not tray to save on an office chair. Besides being eye catching, high-quality chairs have a functionality of preserving the health of your employees that is utmost crucial. Ergonomic chair made of quality materials, with comfortable and adjustable headrest and adjustable height and slope will enable the smooth operation of your employee because poor quality chair contributes to discomfort and can cause many discomfort and long-term health problems.


For all designs related solutions regarding the production and manufacturing of furniture, you can ,with most confidence, contact Manitu Ltd. cause we will be able, due to our many years of experience,  to implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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