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Free Measurement


Before we do our (free) measurements it would be advisable for you to take a look at our web site, namely our galleries , so you could get familiarized with our work. Galleries at our web site are filled with awesome and unique furniture that will facilitate the idea of the final look of your new furniture. We assure you that browsing through our galleries will make your decision on picking the right peace of furniture for your home much easier.


Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail and request a free measurement at your office, apartment or home in order to define implementing solutions and detailed measurements.

Form for determining the dimensions of your space


Look at what is needed and how to correctly measure the dimensions of your room so you could have your furniture tailored exactly to measure.

Download this form and fill in the necessary information then send it back to us with all your extra questions and instructions by using our contact page.

Formular za utvrđivanje dimenzija prostora


Manitu sliding doors


Download our form, fill in the required information and send it with your inquiry via contact form at our contact page.

Formular za klizna vrata


Additional information

Clicking on the picture will open a new window with the appropriate form, which then can be downloaded to your computer and filled with your information. Your inquiry with filed form can then be send to us by using our contact form.

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