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Increase your office efficiency

Increase your office efficiency

By on May 7, 2017 in Tips

Given the fact that we spent most of our time at work, usually eight or more hours, a place where we work greatly affects our efficiency and productivity. Of course, efficiency is difficult to maintain at a high level all the time. Hov ever,  there are some tips that will help you keep an optimal level of work efficiency, and at the same time will also affect the improvement of the working atmosphere in the office itself.

Interior design


Attractive Office aesthetics is one of the most important things that will boost employee mood and affect efficiency. No one says your office has to look like those from Google, Facebook, or Instagram, cause not all can afford such luxury, but you can still take advantage of their decorating details or get the idea from their for your modern decor.

If you don’t have the needed financial assets for complete office redecorating, you can add some vivid picture, some plant that will boost a positive flow of energy or paint at least one of your office walls into an energetic color. It is important that modern offices prevail in vibrant colors, an innovative design of furniture and a positive atmosphere.


Proper color selection


Pravilan odabir boje

The colors are of great importance for work in the office, therefore warm colors cause a sense of warmth, while cold colors cause a feeling of lower temperatures. The White color is not the happiest color selection when productivity is at stake – she is a symbol of professionalism in the business world, but she is also often associated with loss of concentration. Your thoughts will become confusing and will by no means stimulate you to work.

Red color encourages people to act quickly and energetically and also affects the analytical thinking, while orange is associated with quality and increases concentration levels. Blue color relaxes and calms people, green is the queen of creativity, while choosing the right shade of yellow color will make your office more positive, safe and friendly.


Office furniture and good organization


An important role in increasing efficiency is related to properly constructed and fabricated furniture. The best office furniture is the one that is custom-made because by choosing such furniture, your employees will be able to do their job unhindered. Office supplies and consumables used by your employees must be regularly updated and timely purchased.




Teambuilding is an idea that needs to be considered and implemented in every office because socializing outside the office is a whole lot different from the one in the workplace and involves the process of teaming and training people through various leisure activities to better serve as a team in the workplace.

The key element of the team building is socialization and sharing of common experiences among team members which will result in increased office productivity.




komunikacija na poslu

Last but not least refers to communication. Good and clear interaction with the worker is the most important for maintaining efficiency within the office.

Of course, the employer is expected to be able to communicate his goals well as well as their expectations of workers, and that workers feel free to communicate with their superiors,ready to seek advice at any time or ask a question related to the task. Employee motivation and efficiency will also be stimulated through a system of praise for a well-done job, and at the same time contribute to a healthier working atmosphere.

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