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Mosquito nets – protection against insects

Mosquito nets – protection against insects

By on Aug 1, 2015 in Tips

We like to maintain a neat, clean and ventilated space where we live . The need for ventilation of housing gets even greater during the warm months of the year, but it is precisely these months in the year that are full of a variety of insects, bugs and mosquitoes seeking shelter in your living space. Manitu d.o.o. has a simple solution for this problem – setting up mosquito nets. Mosquito nets provide a perfect and balance block for insects and while blocking the enterence for all kind of pests they are allowing fresh air to freely enter the room and ventilate it.

Mosquito nets are easy to assemble and put on the windows of all sizes due to the fact that they are all custom made according to measure of default size of your window.

Manitu Ltd. has two types of mosquito nets in his offer:  – fixed mosquito nets and rollo mosquito nets.Fiksni komarnik

Fixed mosquito nets are typically mounted to windows in which the passage is not required. They are installed on the window frame and, if necessary, in accordance with the seasons can be dismantled and or set back.

Rollo mosquito nets are placed on the windows where a passages is needed. The name itself suggests that this type of mosquito nets wound into a box like shutters.

Management with advanced click system is easy. You pull down the mosquito net using the beads, which are located on the final lamella, in the final position it gets hooked by its self. With the push of final lamella to down mosquito net  gets loose and can be slowly lifted. Rolo komarnik

Rollo mosquito nets can be set according to your desire and need with vertical or horizontal alignment.

All parts of mosquito nets are ( fixed or rollo) of very high quality. While the frame, rails and boxes are made of extruded aluminum of high quality which guarantees anti corrosion protection and long life they can also they can be painted according to large number of colors from the RAL scale. The mesh is made of special glass fibers which provide stability, optimal tension and resistance to the weather.

It is also possible to obtain more various materials for meshes – glass fibers, polyester or metal.Mosquito nets - protection against insects Mosquito nets are an effective and simple, environmentally friendly and healthy solution to prevent the entry of various insects in your home. Protect your home without the use of toxic substances in the fight against pests and allow it to input much-needed fresh air in the months of summer heat.

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