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New Trends in Home Decoration

New Trends in Home Decoration

By on Aug 4, 2015 in Tips

Year 2015 is an ideal opportunity for those who like to emphasize their individuality and do not block the way of their creativity in home decoration. Namely, every year, as well as in the world of fashion there are also certain new styles created in the world of interior design, new trends in home decoration, which are dominant for this year. All the most prestigious furniture manufacturers want to appear in Milan as exhibitors for the time of the world’s most famous fair Salone del Mobile and pave the way for new ideas and styles in interior design.

Be creative


Salon de mobile 2015This year the focus of the fair was on your own creativity and absolute style mixing when combining materials and furniture components. Incompatible materials become compatible and with these new combinations they create completely new spatial atmosphere. A typical example is a combination of wood, which dominates the furnishing homes for years now, with plastic elements and “high-tech” fabrics. As a special attachment lamps appear, deecorative methal objects, individual pieces of furniture, who have little rugged, raw look, more appropriete for factory halls than living spaces.

In fashion are upholstered sofas, chairs, beds, footstools that are made in combinations of materials: wood – fabric, metal – plastic or plastic – fabric. The structures that mimic the concrete are very popular and are often combined with wooden boards so that the cold concrete contrasts the warmth of wood.

All lovers of natural materials will be satisfied, because the quest and desire for the presence of nature in the interior is still hot topic. The use of wood and in particular oak in various processing and final color, where extreme popularity is on more muted tones, is basics for decorating a living space. Green, in the form of room plants in XXL size and “green walls”give a home furnishing natural and fresh look.




How to arrange the living room?


The diversity and disparity are the basic features a living room in 2015. Combine the old and the new, and do not worry about the different sofa elements in your living room because this is the trend.

Two-seater sofa, three-seater sofa and sofas should be completely and utterly different – ny model and by design with different color to. Seating furniture in the living rooms are large in size, and if you put the two-seater and three-seater instead of corner sofa, do feel free to select two different design elements in different colors and make a link with pads or some other detail.

It is very popular application of the skin combined with fabrics and the latest trend follows worn, used up look with a faded colors and patterns and so called “patchwork” sample.

Another important “must have” item in fashion this year is, at least in the living room decorating, a carpet. This trend goes so far that we have two carpets in the same space improperly placed one over the other. Very popular are these carpets that have exotic patterns such as thouse Persian carpets ore these with traditional patterns which are reminiscent of the past.


Bathrooms 2015 – minimalism in action!


architonic_live_in_milan_salone_internazionale_del_mobile_part_3_4The biggest changes in home furnishing will be those of bathrooms. In previous years in their decoration rustic charm prevailed, which is not entirely lost, but will have a modern, minimalist touch because new trends in home furnishing will have their main emphasis on a clean and modern look, dominated by gray, icy pastel shades on the walls.


Add personalization


Although our main driving force, while decorating, are our financial possibilities, this year you need to focus on your own taste and individuality, and feel free to give your imagination free rein, because that will save you money. For instance use a combination of old and new, do redesign, create your own decorations, use wacky or unusual images, they can all give a space in which you live a touch of your personality that follows the modern trends of today. Therefore, be creative and feel free to shine and show your personality and freedom in designing and planning in your own home.

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