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Office furniture custom made with contemporary design

Office furniture custom made with contemporary design

By on Apr 8, 2017 in Tips

Days, when offices were typical, are long gone, standard square and simple look surrounded by sterile white walls and illuminated by fluorescent lamps. Thanks to the giant companies that allowed their employees aesthetically pleasing and functional workspace, the idea of designed and offices with unusual appearances spreading more and more. More and more people accept the idea that creative work environment helps with inspiration and allow for greater labor productivity.



However, successfully designed office space does not come by itself. It is the result of long research, as well as planning and gathering of information and it is also necessary to take into account many variables. Perhaps the most important step in planning is to consider the real situation of the budget that is at your disposal.

It is necessary to take into account the number of employees, and examine their desires, interests, age, and, of course, activities and the type of activity that they will be doing.

Then it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the area in which the office will be located – so consider what kind of lighting there is, decide for the color of the walls accordingly, arrange your installations wisely, and only then you should start to make a decision about furniture that will be the dominant part of the office space.


Regardless of the type of office and activity that you do, custom made furniture is an excellent choice for your office. Together with your designer you can devise a layout of office furniture which will be fully integrated into your business premises, be functional and that will satisfy all your needs and represent the visual identity of your company. The Manitou Ltd. can be of great help there and work with you to decide on the decorating and furnishing of your office space.



Employee productivity is very important


Due to the fact that employees in the workplace spend at least forty hours a week, it is extremely important that the design of office furniture does not interfere with the needs of employees. Therefore, you should focus your attention on making the ergonomic furniture, as by purchasing ergonomic chairs, as well as creating tables and desks that fully meet the needs and functions of your employee’s because that way you will increase productivity by more than 40 percent.

If you neglected the rules of ergonomics while designing your office space, there is a risk that employees will get injured at work such as stiffness and backache, neck and shoulders, tingling, stiffness and pain in the hands, fingers, and wrists and feet swelling and stiffness, and such injuries lead to dissatisfied employees, and can cause reduced productivity. Besides, it is very crucial to incorporate quality and efficient ventilation system because good air quality and appropriate lighting and acoustics in a workspace can increase productivity by 6-16 percent.

In fact, a key role in the productivity of employee’s has their satisfaction and their workplace comfort so everyone should strive to improve the quality of workspace and make the stay in office space a pleasant experience.


For all designs related solutions regarding the production and manufacturing of furniture, you can, with most confidence, contact Manitu Ltd. cause we will be able, due to our many years of experience,  to implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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