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Why Choose Us


manitu d.o.o.We will give you a few reasons why you should choose Manitu Ltd. as your future business partners and friend in counultation when decorating your home.

  • all the furniture is made of thick chipboard 19,25,38,56 mm or more from leading European manufacturers
  • all edges of Corps are fine tuned finished - covered with ABS tapes
  • high quality connection fittings from leading European manufacturers
  • high suspension fittings
  • two-piece PVC feet with eccentric base and adjustable height
  • a choice between metalbox and TANDEMBOX drawer
  • Front (cabinet door) of the mat chipboard represent a cost-optimized selection with the biggest selection of decor
  • front of chipboard in high gloss (HG) and great gloss (SG) manufacturer by
  • postforming fronts in high gloss enriched the HPL laminate
  • acrylic fronts of MDF stainless acrylic provide the highest level of gloss
  • 3D fronts of MDF processed with PVC or PET foil present united fronts in our offer
  • laminate fronts are enriched with HPL laminate with digital print
  • Fineline fronts are stacked fronts enriched with natural veneer
  • Fronts from aluminum frame give your kitchen a modern high-tech look
  • the widest selection of edge strips and other materials for finishing
  • banding front with PU glue
  • fitting in fronts of top quality
  • Working plates with HPL laminate
  • compact worktops
  • wall and plinth profiles
  • a wide range of handles

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