Not so long ago, decoration of small spaces caused a lot of trouble for the owners. It was extremely difficult to find a piece of furniture that would match the dimensions and shape and at the same time meet the owners´ requirements, without smothering the space. Luckily, the situation on the market has completely changed. Multifunctional furniture is more and more popular in homes as well as in offices and has more and more satisfied users.

Some of it looks more like the characters from the popular Transformers than as furniture itself. Nevertheless, their compactness and functionality, but also price acceptability is the reason why an increasing number of people are using this type of solution when arranging their office or home space. Shopping centres are full of ideas, but for complete functionality in your space, the best solution is custom furniture.

The benefits of multifunctional furniture are limitless. When moving or changing the decor, furniture that can be transformed, easily folded or split guarantees that you’ll use it longer, which ultimately means you’ll save money since you will not have to buy new furniture every now and then.

Here are some practical solutions that multifunctional furniture can offer.

1. Furniture hidden in furniture

The best example of such multifunctional piece of furniture is the coffee table which hides chairs/armchairs that can be extracted when needed or tables of different size placed under each other .

2. Tables and benches that are actually a storage space

A coffee table hiding a shelf is great for storing books or magazines, while decorative benches or seating chests can be an excellent place for storing things and are also great for rustic style lovers, because they add a special charm to the home.

3. Multi-purpose sofas and beds

Surely, your first thought is a sofa bed, which is ideal if you don’t have children’s or guest room. Nowadays, there is a lot of new ideas and you can easily find a sofa that extends into a bunk bed with the associated metal ladder or a bed designed in a way that during the day it is “placed” on the ceiling, and in the evening the sliding guides fixed to the wall guide the bed to easily slide into a horizontal position, making it ready for sleeping. Another smart multifunctional solution are the drawers in the lower bed structure, which allow you to store some of your stuff.

4. Folding chairs

The best solution for small spaces, especially for garden terraces are chairs and tables that can easily be folded and that are designed in a way they can be hung on a wall or balcony fence and thus become an interesting part of the decor. The wooden ones with vivid colours are particularly interesting, because they will surely refresh your small balcony.

5. Mirrors hiding a cupboard space

This idea is ideal for bathrooms, but it can also fit well in the hallway where it will, apart from its functionality, if placed properly, visually enlarge the room, or even in the bedroom. It is perfect for storing small thingson the hidden shelves.

To save space using multifunctional furniture and all design related ideas regarding the furniture production, you can contact Manitu d.o.o. with confidence, because we can, due to many years of experience, implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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