The company Manitu d.o.o. has over the years of professional work improved and established itself as a company that can produce any custom furniture for any office – from the smallest to the biggest. We offer a wide range of products; from desks, storage units, drawer cabinets and shelves with beautiful design, smart functions and of high quality. Therefore, it is an ideal place for you to find everything you need, and at the same time to ensure the business of your company to run without any difficulties, and, if necessary, you can also consult experts who will suggest the best possible solution for your office.


Radni stol

When designing your office, you should pay special attention to the quality of your desk. This is the place where your employees will spend most of their working hours and show their creativity. Therefore, you shouldn´t try to save on the desks for your office.

Desk should, if possible, be height-adjustable, so that the employees can adjust the height which suits them the best. Given the size of the office, you can choose between smaller or larger desks or, for instance, corner desks that give plenty of space, are perfect for working on a computer and will perfectly suit your criteria. At the same time, you should keep in mind that the table has integrated unit on the back for organizing cables, which greatly facilitates the work of your employees.


Storage of stationery, office supplies, paper and office binders and their proper sorting is of great importance for the organization and office work. Therefore, according to the work you do, you should ensure plenty of storage space, so as to make the workplace tidy and efficient. Create a space which will look nice and suit your needs.

You can choose a model with sliding doors to save space when opening the door, drawer cabinet with large drawers complemented with practical extension units. When selecting drawers, make sure to purchase the ones with processed back, so you can use them as a partition wall, and this way create a quiet corner for your employees. There are numerous possibilities and combinations and therefore, before you purchase any office furniture, it is necessary to study and consider which combination would be the most functional.


Radna stolica

One of the most important parts of your office is a high-quality work chair. If your employees mostly work in a sitting position, then they need a chair with several adjustable functions that allow changing positions during sitting. The proper sitting position is the right angle, where the legs and the back get the proper support.

A chair with adjustable inclination facilitates the change of the sitting position regardless of whether the chair has adjustable tilt, back or both. The correct inclination increases stability and provides a support when rocking back and forth. The armrests are also important, because they reduce tension in the arms and shoulders.

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