Bed. This particular piece of furniture that you use the most. We spend a third of our lives on a bed. An object that is the center peace of your bedroom and thus fore deserves special attention when choosing and purchasing. Indeed, you need to buy a bed that you love and feel good and comfortable in it!

Wood is the most common material used in making bed frames. It is also a material that attracts the most customers. There are many reasons for that, but in this article we will highlight only some advantages of wooden beds.

1.Natural look

Wood has a special samples; patterns and lines within its structure and its natural beauty. The final layer of varnish which is applied on wood, except for its function of protection from atmosferilija, additionally emphasizes its beauty. Such natural look offers a wide variety of choices for different styles of decoration.

2. Hardness

The wooden bed frames are distinguished by a special strength and robustness due to the method of construction and thus fore have a long lifetime. This means that a lot of time will pass before you’ll need to replace your bed, so choose wisely.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Wood is the most common and most easily accessible source on Earth. It grows in abundance and if afforestation is done regularly with sustainable harvesting, there will be no shortage of wood.

4. Maintenance

Wooden bed requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean. Damp cloth with a little cleaning detergents for wood is all that is needed to maintain the wooden frame of your bed clean. Besides, every wooden bed is is coated with a special coating of varnish or impregnation coating that protects the wood from external influences and therefore makes his maintenance even easier. Make sure that when you decide to purchase a bed you dont go for the cheaper versions and it really is a bed of wood.

5. Longevity

Another great advantage of the wooden beds is the fact that such bed will serve you many years; the only thing you’ll have to change is a mattress. The frame of the wooden beds can easily be painted with a different shade of lacquer or even with a specific paint after a certain number of years in order to refresh its appearance according to your preference or style.

6. A wide selection of different styles

Since it is a wood, and that almost every wood can be processed and turned into furniture ( in this case bed ), there is a huge possibility in selection already in the selection of wood. Never the less, some of the most commonly used are fir that is extremely soft and light, so it fits easily into most spaces, oak, which is slightly more expensive, but it contains specific patterns and samples, and many others like cherry, poplar, chestnut, walnut and rosewood or mahogany as the most commonly used exotic wood.

Each of these types of wood has specific characteristics; from color over to the elasticity, hardens  and weight težine and once you select the type of wood for your bed, you’re left just with the style and appearance of the construction. Even in this case, you can choose from simple, straight lines with or without head to the richly ornamented and carved beds reminiscent of the Baroque style. In any case, almost anything you want, it will be feasible.

7. A wise investment

Price for quality wooden bed, the one made of solid wood, and not from veneer, can be extremely high relative to the metal bed framesregarding to these made from or for veneer. How ever, if you are buying a wooden bed your investment will certainly be worthwhile considering all the advantages and longevity of use that wooden bed can offer.Request an offer

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