If we look back, ten years back, built-in closets, sometimes even called American closets, to own one you had to have a small fortune. There where only few hand full of people who could afford one of these fort their homes, and as for the office space goes it was even worse! Fortunately for our customers, this situation is the past! Built-in cabinets have became available with affordable prices to residential and business customers.

The biggest advantage for built-in closets is the lack of space in your homes and/or offices, and that is what makes them so popular. Giving the thought that they are easily adaptable to any space, wall, loft, corners and heights that have no standard dimenzions, and the fact that more and more people have the desire to take advantage of every inch of space in their homes and/or offices, more and more buyers will give priority to such and not to them standard factory made furniture, especially when it comes to closets.

When someone mentions built-in closet, most of us automatically thinks of the closets in the bedroom. To a point that is true but there is almost no space or place in which the built-in wardrobe can not fit in to – all the way from the hallway to the bathroom, terrace, attic and basement, and in recent times even business premises.

In fact, more and more business owners decides to have such built-in cabinets when decorating their office space cause of their functionality, massiveness and compactness, they save space, and ultimately money because it will not be necessary to buy new furniture every few years on account of wear cause the cupboards in business premises are frequently used which contributes to their wear , and thus fore is the investment in a quality built-in wardrobe, in the long run, a smart investment.

The advantages of built-in cabinets are multiple. Their functionality is immeasurable compared to standard cabinets because there is almost no loss of space. It is easier to maintain because they are closed from ceiling to floor. If you choose to build the sliding doors, they will not take up space when opening as with the standard cabinets which is of great importance in tight spaces.

Also, a doors like that can not get hanged because the entire length of sliding is along the floor, and with the classic wardrobe doors that is the most common case in failure. The very fact that they do not require a wall, ceiling, and or the sides because they are structurally differently built and designed which all leads to significant material and space savings, speed and ease of assembly, and last but not last, the price makes them very attractive.

Never the less, when choosing materials, do not skimp. Once you decide for built-in closet, it is very likely that you will have one for life, even in every new apartment or house you move in. Although manufacturers guarantee that it can be moved and while at it no damage will occur, still, aware of the fact that not all walls are of the same dimensions, closets like that, once built in, are meant to be on that spot for a long, long time.

Therefore, the material that you choose make them be of a good quality. Pay special attention to the guides and choose aluminum rails and wheels. Aluminium guides are essential elements of built-in cabinets, but often with implementation manufacturers put cheaper and less quality steel guides. Also, wheels carry the entire sliding door and they to have to be of good quality so that they don’t wore off through a period of time and began to creak and scrape.

One more thing – sbuilt-in closets and cabinets are custom built furniture, in accordance with the needs of your space, our advice to you would be to let your imagination run wild and be creative! Fronts can be made in different variations, so you do not have to adhere strictly to monochrome or even wooden implementation. You can try a combination of glass, plastic or fotoprint which is extremely effective for business and office space.

If you need a built-in cabinet, exactly like the one so-called American cabinet, wether it is for your home or office, please contact us with confidence, because many years of experience in making custom furniture has rewarded us with effective tricks, specific knowledge, ability and skill that we can offer to you as a solution to all your needs.Send us your inquiry

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