Storage rooms and shelves, if placed in the appropriate places, will ensure the maximum utilization of space in the home and or office. Also, by carefull shelf selection order will be restored in any office. Never the less, it is very important to know how much you want to keep on the shelves and for what type of room you need them.

If the main purpose of shelves is purely decorative they should not be overcrowded because it will look ugly and tacky, and above all you will add the effect of reducing the room. Shelves, above all, should be functional because they purpose is to serve you for storage.

There are two types of shelves: ready made, folding shelf system that must be composed and built-in shelves that can be put together from individual elements. Built-in shelves can be attached to a wall or niche. More complex systems sometimes have wooden skeleton and can be used as stand alone and/or secured to the wall. Cabinets for storage can also be found built-in or as freestanding, and are made of individual parts or elements, but you can also buy them ready made.

The most commonly used material for the shelves are chipboard, panel board or plywood. Chipboard is easy obtainable, its cheap, and it can be found on market in various thicknesses. Above all, these plates can also be cut to any given measure you prefer. Veneered chipboard are also remarkably stable, which also applies to plywood and panel boards. Rough, raw wood is suitable for the basements, storage or garage, while the hard wood which is more expensive, but also of more quality is more suitable for shelves in offices or homes.

Metal plates almost always appear as parts of a system for shelves that are particularly suitable for heavy loads. As decoration and for small loads, you can use glass. Shelves of plastic materials are quite rare in the market, while in some cases the metal shelves are used in offices; usually in closets.

While making shelves special care needs to be directed to the load. For instance: six ordinary pocket books weighs approximately 1 kg, while the weight of six average hardback books is around 2 kg. Having that in mind you need to choose different types of brackets accordingly. Generally, brackets can be found as fixed or adjustable. Fixed brackets are classic ones shaped as letter L insert brackets, mostly triangular shaped, made of wood or metal as angle profile. Adjustable brackets are made of metal or plastic, and on the market they can be found in all kinds of forms. They get pined in to holes on the sides. The holes should be drilled at equal distances along the entire back side. For one board you will requires four carriers.

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The house has much more possibilities for storage than it can be seen at a glance. The space under the bed, sofa or window sills, above the door, bed or a staircase, in corners or attics and basements. Closet can also be installed below the sink, in the niche or all over the wall, and the advantage is that you can always, easily, build an additional shelf.

Practical ideas mostly are decorative and thus fore very often extra work pays of while trying out various options. Ideally all storage systems and all the shelves they should be made so that you could easily set them up in another room, expend them, make them bigger and adjustable to other types of things that you need to storage.

If you need shelves ether for for your home or office, please contact us with confidence, because many years of experience in making custom furniture has rewarded us with effective tricks, specific knowledge, ability and skill that we can offer to you as a solution to all your needs.Send us your inquiry

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