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Do you charging for making an offer?

No, making an offer at a start-up stage and not requiring the exact measures, but only approximate, we do not charge such a bid. However, if you accept an informative offer and ask for a survey, where we go out on the field and perform detailed measurements, whether to cancel the job / order we will charge you 1,000 kuna at an additional cost of 2 kuna per kilometer if the measurements were made at locations farther from the headquarters of the firm.

When I can expect an offer after the inquiry?

You can expect an informative offer within the first 48 hours after the inquiry is received.

What is the production and delivery time?

The production time depends on the complexity and size of the project. Once the desired furniture is tailored, the period of transport can last between 30 days.

How do I make a payment?

Payments are made through bank transactions, cash or credit cards. We offer the convenience of paying with all the credit cards, and as a convenience we emphasize the payment of the DINERS card at 36 interest-free rates!.

Do you make 3D simulations?

3D simulations are made to all parties, and if you choose to buy our furniture, 3D simulation is not charged.

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