Custom furniture is manufactured in a way that it complements the space in the best possible way, is functional and suits your needs and taste.

Even if you do not know how to outline the desired piece of furniture or you are not sure how exactly it should look, by leaving it in the hands of our professionals, getting professional advice on how to use the materials, defining colors and all the other details, your job is practically done.

After everything that has been mentioned, a detailed offer is prepared and the manufacturing of the desired furniture item can begin. All you have to do is give the professionals time to turn their ideas into action .

Namještaj po mjeri

Today there are many companies and manufacturers that produce custom furniture according to the client’s order. Furniture produced this way is often different from the furniture produced in factories for larger markets.

Why? Well, every item of furniture that was custom-made is unique. Even if it looks similar to the one from catalogs or large shopping centers (probably due to your wish), by selecting a different color, texture or material it gets a unique feature.

When you mention custom furniture the first association is usually a custom-made kitchen. Today there are no boundaries in making custom furniture and almost every item can be custom-made.

This can be furniture for the living room, children’s rooms, bedroom; various cabinets, built-in cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, or any other item of furniture.

Namještaj po mjeri

Before choosing the right custom furniture, it is useful to visit different showrooms. Find out what material the furniture is made of, the way it was produced, did they use screws or was the furniture glued and doweled. This greatly contributes to the difference in price and quality of the final product.

Then contact the people who are making custom furniture. Ask them to do their measurements and to suggest the type of material they plan to use. And of course, after you know the price, you can decide whether you’ll go with custom or factory furniture.

Although custom furniture can sometimes be a bit expensive, it is often way more beautiful and of better quality than the furniture produced for larger markets. You can hardly go wrong by choosing custom furniture.

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