The decision has been made. You need to make some changes in your interior. You want to completely change the place where you live or you just plan to rearrange the layout and add few changes to it, but you are not exactly sure what you want and how you want to change it. Your first thought would surely be to hire a decorator or an architect whose professional knowledge and aesthetic advice can surely help to decide.

Unutarnje uređenje po mjeri

But, the decorator will also ask you about your wishes, your taste and style, because the basic assumption, when decorating someone’s home, is blending it with your personality. If your finances are limited and do not allow hiring a decorator or an architect, there are tons of web sites, magazines and books with a vast amount of tips and suggestions. Indeed, this is time-consuming, and in a modern, busy world one might say: time should not be wasted. Therefore, it is desirable to have at least an approximate idea of the change you want to implement into your home or to emulate the style, forms and materials you like to be surrounded with.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, do not rush into a decision; you don´t decorate every year. Once you decide on the style and how it should look, your job is done. Of course, if your finances allow it.

Don´t be afraid of differences and diversity of colours, shapes and dimensions. Different rooms can be decorated in different styles. You certainly don´t want the same atmosphere in the bathroom as in the kitchen or nursery. Each room has its own purpose and should be styled according to it. You should decide whether you want a colorful interior design or you’ll use certain colors or shades of one color only. Your individual taste should be reflected in the interior design, but do decide on colours, materials and methods with other family members.

Unutarnje uređenje po mjeri

Tastes differ and it is most likely that every family member will have his own idea, so be ready to compromise and create a nice and pleasant space for all of you.

After making a decision, your interior will no longer be the same. Several different styles of interior design can be used and they can all be mixed creating a new style that has your name written all over it.

Regarding to the present style of your home, you can add some details or opt for a completely new – classic style, country style interior design, retro, minimalist, modernist or an international, such as feng shui. Every style can easily be adapted and personalized, so you get what counts the most: a space that reflects your personality.

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