It has passed a long time since the offices were typical, quadrilateral and simple, surrounded by sterile white walls and illuminated by fluorescent lamps. Thanks to the giant companies that allowed their employees aesthetically pleasing and functional work space, the idea of design and unusual offices is spreading. A large number of people is accepting the idea that creative work environment inspires and enables greater productivity.

However, successfully designed office does not come by itself. It is the result of a long research, as well as planning and gathering the information, where many different variables must be taken into account. Perhaps the most important step in planning is considering the actual budget balance at your disposal.

It is also necessary to take into account the number of employees, to question their wishes, interests, age, and of course, activities and the type of work they will be doing.

Besides that, you should consider the characteristics of the space where the office is going to be–consider the lighting, choose the color of the walls accordingly, arrange the installations wisely and only then you can decide about furniture, which is going to be the dominant part of your office.

Regardless of the office type and the business that you do, custom- made furniture is always an excellent choice for your office. Together with your designer, you can come up with office furniture that will fully complement your business space, that will be functional and will fully suit all your needs and represent the visual identity of your company as well.

The company Manitu d.o.o. can be of great help and together you can make a decision on arranging the office. 

Employee productivity is crucial

Due to the fact that employees spend at least forty hours a week at their workplace, it is extremely important that the design of office furniture does not interfere with their needs. Therefore, you should focus on the ergonomic furniture production, by purchasing ergonomic chairs, as well as desks that fully suit the needs and functions of your employees, because that way you can increase productivity by more than 40 percent.

If you neglect the rules of ergonomics while arranging your office, there is always a risk that your employees will suffer from work injuries, such as stiffness or back pain, neck and shoulder pain, crimps, stiffness and pain in their hands, fingers and wrists, feet swelling and stiffness, and such injuries might lead to employee dissatisfaction and reduced productivity. Besides, it is essential to install high- quality and efficient ventilating system, because good air quality and appropriate lighting and acoustics in the workspace can increase productivity by 6-16 percent.

In fact, the key role in the employee’s productivity is their satisfaction and well-being, so everyone should strive to improve the quality of working and staying in the office.

For all design related solutions regarding the furniture manufacture, you can contact Manitu d.o.o. with confidence because we can, due to many years of experience implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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