It’s Christmas time. Holiday atmosphere can be felt in every corner. All of these ornaments and decorations… Decorated shop windows… Lights, lanterns, Christmas trees and artificial snow ( since the real one is missing ), the smell of mulled wine, cinnamon … You are being lured into cafe shops and stores by Christmas carols, and from every shop window you get a smile from snowman or Santa, reindeer and other Santa helpers like elves… Stroll through the streets of towns and cities in the evening which are glowing with a special glow leaves few people indifferent. I doubt there is a person on this planet who wouldn’t love to take all that glamour and warm fuzzy feeling and transfer all that atmosphere in to its home.

Therefore Manitu d.o.o. decidet to give you few ideas and advice on how to decorate your home in Christmas spirit.

The emphasis will be on pure natural materials. Before we even begin to decorate, instead of spending insane sum of money in shopping malls, this year you should go and get yourself natural decorations. Go out to the woods, stroll and look for anything that might be useable in decorating your home – cones, moss, interesting forms of branches, leaves, various berries, nuts, acorns, mistletoe… Everything that can be useful for making decorations.

Uredite svoj dom u božićnom stilu

Decorate your front door

The first thing that guests or family members will notice while coming over for Christmas are your front door. So make them attractive by simply hanging a wreath, which you can easily make yourself using branches, something green, leaves. Add a few pinecones, ribbons or tinsels, regarding a style you prefer, and you’ll have a perfect christmas wreath.

Put the Christmas ligts

There is some really special magic in those lights that put light upon your home in these cold winter evenings… Put them on your windows, doors; you can paste them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate them with ribbons, or place them on the staircase with greenery and christmas cards. You can even put them into every single room and their light will bring out the magic from every corner of your home.

Make an Advent Wreath

There is an option to buy an Advent wreath in some store, but why don’t you give your imagination a chance and through your own creativity define the look of your Advent wreath? You don’t need to complicate, all you need are few materials out of nature and candles. It even doesn’t have to have the standard form of wreath; you can stack candles on a decorative plate, nice looking pots or some peace of wood or tree bark that you have found strolling through the woods.

Make your own Advent calendar

Although most of you, when talking about Advent calendar, thinks about all those sweet candy behind all these dates that kids have difficult time eating one day at a time, thus leaving, in most cases, empty calendar days before Christmas; nevertheless it would be nice to use your imagination to make your own personal Advent calendar using all kind of materials, shapes and colors.

Bijeli rustikalni Božić

Other holiday decorating ideas

It would be a great thing to put Christmas cards at various locations in your home that are filled with positive and inspiring thoughts, use all kind of ribbons and tie them into beautiful bows and use them to fill in the gaps,  bake homemade gingerbreads in shape of an Christmass tree, stars, halfmoon, which can also be used as christmas tree decoration.

Use a lot of candles to decorate you home, that way you’ll create an intimate atmosphere and bring warmth into your home. You can put them also into jars or glass cups, which you have previously filled with branches, berries, leaves, pine cones and moss and, on top of it all, you can sprinkle them with artificial snow to.

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