Decorating the living room, as well as any other room in your home, should be fun and creative. At the very beginning do set some financial guidelines, a budget if you may like, and do try to stick with it because any greater exceeding will bring unrest and discontent in your decorating so try to be rational.

It is also important, if not essential, to know yourself, your desires, preferences, needs, current lifestyle and capture it all in a representative part of it, your living room. 

Surely you want to avoid a situation where your guests, and you yourself, feel that they have entered into Ikea showroom, and carefully select furniture elements and decorate your living room in your own style. It is of the most importance that the living room suits your needs and preferences.

This should be a place where you feel comfortable with your family and friends, a place where you take a shalter after a working day to rest with a good book, the sound of your favorite tunes or TV.

Therefore, prior to your final decision, even if you want to make only small changes you need to ask yourself what you really want. Reception room for guests or a quiet room for reading and relaxation? Will this room primarily be used for watching television? Or will this room have a working place for the fulfillment of some of your hobbies? In any case, make a list of all activities that you plan to have in this room, but do not forget the needs of other family members.

Also, be a visionary. Families are evolving, children grow up and eventually leave their homes. Bare in mind that wishes and needs of you and other members of the household will change over time, and so if you have decided to invest a large sum of money in decorating your living room, make it a good investment that meets current and future needs also.

Once all the questions have been answered, and many others as well, agreement with the rest of the household members has been made to, you can easily move on to the second phase: selecting the style of your living room. Buying furniture randomly with no idea of how it should look like will lead to a chaotic and tasteless decorated look and feeal of your living room space. Currently the most popular styles in decorating are modernist, tuscan, industrial, contemporary or traditional decorating style.

Modern style implies a scarcity of furniture, as well as decorative items and is characterized by straight lines. It relies on mass production and that particular style will easily be found in showrooms.

The Tuscan style is quite rustic, with lots of earth tones, its main characteristic is stone which is combined with metal. Minimalism and simplicity of furniture is another detail that adorns this style, but its murals and unavoidable fireplaces, as the backbone of this style, are making it complete.

Industrial style resembles the most to incomplete and disorganized spaces of large industrial facilities, warehouses and garages. This is a style that is being appreciated mostly by modern designers, and emphasis is placed on high open spaces with high ceiling. The space in this style is multifunctional.

The contemporary style combines several different styles of the 20th and 21st century. Unlike modernist style where sharp and straight lines are dominating the space, they are in this style slightly rounded and complete with decorative pillows, carpets and other similar stuff. The dominant colors of this style are green and brown therefore only natural materials are being used for decorating purposes, mainly wood in all combinations and variants, and materials such as silk, cotton and linen.

The traditional style is largely based on 18th century, high class, especially England and France. The dominant color is the color of peach and green with gold combination to emphasize the fullness and grandeur. The furniture is almost always carved, richly decorated, mostly floral patterns and almost unique.

For which style you’ll decide primarily depends on your taste and the answers on to prior asked questions, and for everything else, please contact us through our contact form.

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