Furnishing office space is a demanding and complex part, regarding the business of the company. It is well known that the space where we spend most of the day influences our personality and our behavior. Therefore, stimulating work environment greatly contributes to our mental health, and most importantly, our creativity, efficiency and motivation.

The working atmosphere in your office depends not only on your employees, but also on functionally equipped office space. If you want to increase the work efficiency of your employees, it is wise to make them feel satisfied. You can achieve this by getting a functional and appealing, creative solutions when choosing office furniture.

The company Manitu d.o.o. offers a variety of design possibilities when decorating your office space, because these kinds of spaces, unlike households, require maximum precision and complete elegance and it is necessary to approach the design and interior decoration with great care.

Dobro opremljen poslovni prostor

It is necessary to acknowledge the actual needs of the workplace and create a project that at the most suits the worker´s needs and the way he does his job. Besides choosing materials for your office space, deciding between the thickness and type of veneer or solid wood, shiny or matte surfaces, all other elements of interior design – floors, walls, decorations, plants, images, form a unit that should be in line with the visual identity of your office space.  

How to design your office space?

When designing, there are some tips based on scientific research, which you need to take into consideration, if you want to make your employees satisfied and your business functional:

  • give your employees a choice. According to scientific research in 2010 in London employees who were given the opportunity to choose the color of the walls, furniture, decide which plants and paintings were 32% more productive than those who did not get this opportunity. It also turned out that the relationship between employer and employee has developed, as well as propensity for teamwork. Even a simple pin board, where your employees can put postcards or photos, can contribute to the feeling of attachment to the work place .
  • choose furniture with rounded lines, instead of straight ones. Rounded edges stimulate positive mood, which is very desirable when increasing creativity and productivity. Above all, it is less likely you will get injured.
  • use the advantages of colours, light and space. Choosing the correct color and brightness while equipping the office space, is a simple and efficient way to improve performance. Different colours and brightness psychologically influence the ability to work, for example, blue and green enhance the implementation of tasks that require new ideas.
  • use plants and windows. Plants positively influence our mood and it has also been established that plants contribute to reduction of stress and stale air. View of the hill, mountain or a lake is relaxing and recharges your batteries, but if your office is in the middle of the city, a view of a simple tree will suffice.

Manitu Ltd. recognizes the real needs of clients and is thus able to offer the best overall organization solution and interior design and space design, which involves furnishing your office space with quality and functional office furniture.

If you have any questions we will be more than happy to reply. You can contact us by e-mail: [email]info@manitu.hr[/email] or our contact form. Be sure to check out our gallery of the work where we had the privilege and chance to equip some office space.

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