Custom Made Interiors

We specialize in making innovative and creative custom furniture. We follow the world trends in furniture making and listen to all the needs and wishes of our customers.

Custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture allows you maximum space utilization.

Design and installation of office furniture

Professional furnishings for office or office space are guaranteed by the quality of installation.

Measurement, counseling and design

Manitu d.o.o. offers a service of measuring as well as counseling in designing furniture and selecting materials.

3D Display

Before realization, see your project in quality 3D visualization at any stage of production.

Cutting, canting and CNC processing

Our offer is complemented by laser and flat canting as well as CNC processing.

Delivery and assembly service

We set a warranty on each piece of furniture we make and install.


Production of reception and sales desks

The business space design program introduces us to a completely different way of interior design, as unlike households, business premises require maximum precision and complete elegance.


Sanitary Cabins

Cabins are custom-made for each space, they are quality and safe for the customers and provide new features in design, choice of decor and fittings. Sanitary cabins from HPL compact plates are impact resistant, not impacted by water or chemicals, resistant to fungus and bacteria development and are easy to clean with disinfectant.


Furnishing cafes, restaurants, pharmacies...

Manitu d.o.o. offers furnishing of business facilities with complete service from project to realization, with great attention dedicated to design, choice of materials (modern or something more classic), following new trends and, of course, legal regulations.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We help you create a conceptual solution for your space and let you step into the world of design, functionality and quality.

Using the latest technology by creating a 3D simulation of the future space, we give you insight into the new look of your space. We are adapting the existing as well as designing and decorating new spaces to achieve full potential.

When furnishing the interior, we manufacture custom made furniture, adapting it to space and lifestyle, taking care of the quality and durability of the product. Beside top quality materials and finishing, we give special attention to the choice of frames to which we give lifelong warranty.

According to your wishes we make furniture solutions from our own production and complete them with home appliances and sanitary equipment of the top manufacturers.

In addition to furnishing, in cooperation with top designers we advise you free of charge and design furniture that will provide a unique solution for each interior with quality and uniqueness.

Equip your interior, all in one place.

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In the market since 2007

The primary goal and business philosophy of the company is simple: to understand the needs of customers, to meet the demands and ultimately exceed all their expectations!

Client Testimonials

“Just to my taste … So beautiful and yet simple … You’re great!”

Đurđica Matković

“Even those with the finest taste can find furniture for their home in Manila interiors”

Anđa Selak

“Extra offer and quality, I recommend to everyone. They are awesome, and the quality is great!”

Dražen Pejić

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