When you plan on to rearrange your child’s room,  you should wake the child in yourself and let your imagination run wild. Be creative and imaginative, but be sure to respect child’s tendencies, wishes, age. To Children their rooms are little oasis, a place where they learn their first letters, are introduced to their first fairy tale, keep their favorite toys, and create precious memories for the future. You don’t need to decorate or arrange their rooms according to latest trends, rather have a little adventure with your kid and find him a perfect furniture, the one that is made or cut out to his liking, interests and needs.

Bear in mind only one thing dough and that is – a child’s room needs to be multi-functional. The room is a place for a rest, studying and play, therefore you need to you have to combine the three components.

As possible as it is, pick a room that is big enough and has plenty of light, and if that is not an option, make sure to build a quality lighting and modular furniture to maximize the space.

Dodajte boje u dječje sobe

Paint the room according to child’s wishes, better jet, let him choose the color, and hue can be adjusted according to your likings. Here you can use a simple rule – if your child is more calm nature, make the tones vivid and intense, and if your child is restless and sensitive, avoid intense colors and rather choose pastel shades. You can be more creative and add various stickers or engage in painting the walls with his favorite cartoon characters.

Furniture should primarily be functional, of high quality and imaginative as it has to meet the child’s needs for storing things and need for play. Perhaps the smartest thing to do is to to buy modular furniture according to the Lego system that can be easily moved and further rebuild, and above all you’ll have no problem adjusting that kind of furniture to different age of the child. When choosing furniture, make sure to pick the resistant materials for easy of maintenance, and pay attention so that the boxes, cupboards, drawers are made of lightweight materials so the child can move it by himself.

Uređenje dječje sobe prema želji djeteta

The resting corner, namely the bed itself, is one of the important aspects of children’s rooms. A good quality mattress and bed are essential for a healthy and comfortable sleep. It would be preferable to set up an nightstand next to bed so the child could lay down his favorite book, watch or tea drink on it during the night.

In a child’s room that goes to school, besides quality bead, a good working desk which,besides good functionality has to meet the harmony with the rest of the room. The ideal would be to place the table so that his daily source of light, window, is from the left side (if the child is right handed). Let the desk be large enough for work and learning, and for easy orientation among books and notepads, the most practical solution are drawers.

So, buy a table with enough drawers and cabinets for storage of school stuff. In addition to the table, school-age children spend much time sitting, and therfore the chair is another essential element of child’s room. You shouldn’t skimp on the quality of the chair  – it is essential for the chair to be ergonomically designed and has adjustable height and tilt.

The playing corner will certainly be subject to major changes over time. With the child’s growth and development his interests and preferences to various forms of gaming and socializing will change. Therefore, in child’s young age you’ll have to ensure enough space for play, provide plenty of boxes and drawers for storing toys, nice cozy carpet (easy to wash), while child that has reached the age of 12, 13 or more years certainly will considered computer, PlayStation, TV as a form of entertainment without socializing, and thus you will need to pay attention, when buying furniture, to acquire furniture that can easily be adjustable and functional to rearrange all the child needs according to his age.

We hope this article was helpful to you and made you as much fun reading it as we had writing it for you. If you have any questions at all regarding custom made children’s room’s, or for that matter any other custom made furniture, feel free to contact us through our contact form. We will be happy to help.

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