Due to the fact that the most of our time is spent at work, usually eight or more hours, the place where we work greatly affects our efficiency and productivity. Of course, it is difficult to maintain efficiency at high level all the time. However, there are some tips that can help you keep the optimal level of work efficiency and at the same time influence the working atmosphere in the office.

Interior design

Pleasant office aesthetics is one of the most important things that will boost employee mood and affect efficiency. No one says your office has to look like those from Google, Facebook, or Instagram, because only a few can afford such luxury, but you can still use some of their details or even get the idea for a modern design.

If you don’t have the required financial assets to completely redecorate your office, you can add a colourful picture or a plant that will boost the positive flow of energy or even paint at least one of your office walls into a vigorous colour. It is important to note that a modern office is dominated by vivid colours, innovative furniture design and positive atmosphere.

Proper colour selection

Colours are of great significance for office work, so warm colours cause a feeling of warmth, whereas cold colours cause the feeling of lower temperatures. When thinking about productivity, white is not the best colour – it is a symbol of professionalism in the business world, but it is often associated with concentration loss. Your thoughts will become confusing and it will by no means stimulate you to work.

Red encourages people to act quickly and vigorously and also affects the analytical thinking, whereas orange increases the quality and concentration level. Blue is relaxing and calming; green is the queen of creativity, whilst choosing the right shade of yellow can make your office be more positive, safer and friendlier.

Office furniture and good organization

An important role in increasing efficiency refers to the properly designed and manufactured furniture. The best office furniture is custom-made, because by choosing such furniture, your employees will be able to perform their job with ease. Stationery and supplies your employees use should regularly be updated and timely purchased.


Teambuilding is the idea that is increasingly being implemented in our country, because socializing outside the office is a whole lot different from socializing in the workplace, and it involves the process of training people through various leisure activities in order to work as a team in their workplace.

The key element of team building is socialization and sharing of common experiences among team members which will result in increased office productivity.


Last but not least involves communication. Good and clear interaction with workers is essential for maintaining efficiency within the office.

Of course, the employer should be able to express his goals and what he expects from his employees, but at the same time employees should feel free to communicate to their superiors, ready to ask for an advice at any time or ask questions related to the task. Workers motivation and their efficiency can also be encouraged by commending a job well-done, which will at the same time contribute to a healthier working environment.

To increase office efficiency with custom furniture and all design related ideas regarding furniture production, contact Manitu d.o.o. with confidence, because we can, due to many years of experience implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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