We like to keep the place where we live neat, clean and ventilated. The need to ventilate the room gets even bigger during the warm months. Precisely those months are full of different insects, bugs and mosquitoes seeking shelter in your living space.

The company Manitu d.o.o. has a very simple solution to this problem – setting up mosquito nets. Mosquito nets provide perfect harmony by blocking the insects, but at the same time allowing the air to enter and ventilate the room.

Mosquito nets are easily installed and put on the windows of all sizes due to the fact that they are all custom-made, according to the measures of your window.

Komarnici - zaštita od insekata

Manitu d.o.o. offers two types of mosquito nets:  – fixed mosquito nets and roller mosquito nets.

Fixed mosquito nets are installed on windows where passing through is not necessary. They are installed on the window frame and, if necessary, according to the seasons they can be removed and re-installed.

Roller mosquito nets are installed on the windows where passing through is needed. The name itself suggests that this type of mosquito nets is rolled into a box like shutters.

Komarnici - zaštita od insekata

Advanced click system is easy to use. You pull down the mosquito net using the beads on the final lamella and in the final position it gets hooked by itself. With the down push of final lamella, the mosquito net gets loose and can be slowly lifted.

Roller mosquito nets can be installed according to your wish, optional- vertically or horizontally.

All parts of mosquito nets (fixed or roller) are of very high quality. The frame, rails and boxes are made of extruded aluminium of high quality, which guarantees anti-corrosive protection and longevity. They can also be painted according to the RAL design colours. The net is made of special glass fibres which provide stability, optimal tension and weather resistance.

Komarnici - zaštita od insekata

It is also possible to obtain various materials for the nets – glass fibers, polyester or metal. Mosquito nets are an effective, simple, environmentally friendly and healthy solution to prevent the entry of various insects into your home. Protect your home without using toxic substances and allow fresh air to enter your home.

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