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We present some of our products and clients with whom we have successfully cooperated, in this modest portfolio.

Manitou Ltd. is constantly working to promote their products and on communications with the marketplace. Therefore, we will, on this page, present to you some of our work and clients with whom we have been successfully and well cooperated, in this humble portfolio of ours.

Hotel Aristos

Hotel Aristos Zagreb is the right choice if you are looking for top accommodation in a hotel in Zagreb, a place for your wedding or a congress.

During the visit, you can be assured of the quality of the performance of our Aristos hotel.

St.Martin Spa

With much effort and valuable work, St.Martin became the most desirable destination of continental Croatia. Luxury and comfort are the main features of this beautiful resort.

For the St.Martin Spa resort Manitu d.o.o. made specially designed and unique custom-made furniture.

Murs Ekom

The strategic goal of TD Murs-ekom d.o.o. is a continuous improvement in the quality of its services, resulting in constant care for a cleaner environment and improved waste utilization as secondary raw materials.

RESCON d.o.o.

RESCON d.o.o. is a company for technical services, supervision and consulting in construction.

InsantOffice d.o.o.

InstantOffice Project – a smile-restoring office tailored to your capabilities and needs! What you dream in real life, get through the InstantOffice project services!

Simple Hair Salon

The chain of hairdressing salons Simple has been operating in Croatia since 2001. We are proud of its 16 locations in Croatia, and twice as much in foreign countries as Slovenia, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Humana Nova

Social Cooperative Humana Nova is a social enterprise that encourages the employment of people with disabilities and other socially excluded persons through the production and sale of quality and innovative textile products from ecological and recycled materials for domestic and foreign markets.

ACT KONTO d.o.o.

ACT KONTO d.o.o. is a non-profit socially-owned company specializing in providing professional and quality bookkeeping-accounting services, education and counseling on financial operations and management for non-profit organizations in the Republic of Croatia.

TEHNIX d.o.o.

Tehnix company is the leading eco-industry in the world. Tehnix’s business objective is to develop and produce the best technologies to achieve sustainable development and the circular economy.

The portfolio of Manitu Ltd. increases from day to day. A list of satisfied customers of companies, associations, hotels, offices and many others with whom we have successfully collaborated becomes increasingly more imposing.

However, production of custom furniture for private houses and apartments is our greatest pleasure and happiness for us cause with this kind of work we can easily put a smile on the faces of satisfied customers.

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