What is edge banding?

Without any hesitation, we can give a short and clear answer to this question. Edge banding is a process where a narrow strip is bonded to the refined chipboard, and also the process of concealing all visible parts of the refined chipboard on different furniture units. Therefore, when you choose a material (décor and thickness) for your furniture; whether for a kitchen or living room, this material is sent to cutting according to the blueprint based on your needs.

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5 custom-made solutions for space saving with multifunctional furniture

Not so long ago, decoration of small spaces caused a lot of trouble for the owners. It was extremely difficult to find a piece of furniture that would match the dimensions and shape and at the same time meet the owners´ requirements, without smothering the space. Luckily, the situation on the market has completely changed. Multifunctional furniture is more and more popular in homes as well as in offices and has more and more satisfied users.

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Increase your office efficiency

Due to the fact that the most of our time is spent at work, usually eight or more hours, the place where we work greatly affects our efficiency and productivity. Of course, it is difficult to maintain efficiency at high level all the time. However, there are some tips that can help you keep the optimal level of work efficiency and at the same time influence the working atmosphere in the office.

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A guide to buying office furniture

The company Manitu d.o.o. has over the years of professional work improved and established itself as a company that can produce any custom furniture for any office – from the smallest to the biggest. We offer a wide range of products; from desks, storage units, drawer cabinets and shelves with beautiful design, smart functions and of high quality. Therefore, it is an ideal place for you to find everything you need, and at the same time to ensure the business of your company to run without any difficulties, and, if necessary, you can also consult experts who will suggest the best possible solution for your office.

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Custom-made office furniture with contemporary design

It has passed a long time since the offices were typical, quadrilateral and simple, surrounded by sterile white walls and illuminated by fluorescent lamps. Thanks to the giant companies that allowed their employees aesthetically pleasing and functional workspace, the idea of design and unusual offices is spreading. A large number of people is accepting the idea that creative work environment inspires and enables greater productivity.

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What is the best furniture material?

When you decide to buy furniture, there are a lot of things to consider. For the most of us the most common leading thought is: “buy cheap, but of good quality, too”. Luckily, nowadays the most expensive furniture material does not necessarily mean the material of the highest quality as well. It all depends on which part of the apartment you plan to furnish, what is this item of furniture to be used for, i.e. its function and position. For instance, solid wood, which is generally the most expensive, is extremely dysfunctional in the bathroom, if processed with wax or oil, because it soon becomes deformed due to humidity.

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Four tips for creating your dream office

Business space is a place where an employee spends the most of his day. Therefore, to encourage creative and working atmosphere, the arranging of an office is of utmost importance, because it has to be pleasant for the employee, as well as for clients and business partners.
When thinking of arranging the office, it is wise to follow a few simple tips. Some of the most important are presented in this article.

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Interior decoration – designing and furnishing home and office

Whether you are furnishing an apartment or an office for the first time or simply rearranging the existing, first of all you need an idea. You can find different ideas by looking through catalogues and web sites which are; by the way, full of different decorating styles or you can hire an interior designer. Before you decide to do so, you should be aware that decorator and designer are two different occupations.

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Cabinets and shelves for offices and home furnishings

Storage rooms and shelves, if placed in the appropriate places, will ensure the maximum utilization of space in the home and or office. Also, by carefull shelf selection order will be restored in any office. Never the less, it is very important to know how much you want to keep on the shelves and for what type of room you need them. If the main purpose of shelves is purely decorative they should not be overcrowded because it will look ugly and tacky, and above all you will add the effect of reducing the room.

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