You’d be surprised how many changes have occurred in the style and appearance of the office furniture industry in today. The era of traditional, unified work tables with straight lines and functional chairs has ended a long time ago. Custom designed furniture for office and business premises has reached the sophistication and luxury, but kept its functionality. Even more, the appearance and functionality are perfectly complement with the practical and comfort.

Perhaps the reason for this change in office furniture, from a reasonably serious and unified style that dominated until a few years back to a more modern and cheerful version of the same, lies in the fact that many companies realize the advantage of quality in custom made office furniture, besides attractive appearance, it results in greater efficiency and productivity of employees.

Kvalitetan uredski namještaj

High quality office space with comfortable, attractive and purposeful furniture will certainly increase the work ethic, which is an important factor of any successful company. Also, you will find such furniture makes clear to your  employees that you appreciate them and care about their health, and thus fore a satisfied worker will definitely not think about changing his work environment and/or looking for a new job.

Properly designed office furniture can remove many defects that occur in a standardized and unified office furniture. Thus, each employee is most likely to need a computer that includes monitor, case, mouse, keyboard, and he will certainly need the space for other office supplies such as paper clips and paper.

With a smart, modern design furniture a computer should not be a hindrance somewhere under the table and occupy indispensable workspace, it should rather have a custom designed and constructed opened space drawer so that the computer is incorporated into. One of the major advantages of such furniture is that you will easily solve the problem all over present cables which are drawn on the floor. High quality office desk gives you the ability of incorporating cables in a desk itself so they are not visible.

Prednosti kvalitetnog uredskog namještaja

However, by far the most important element in office furniture is a chair which can cause numerous injuries and health problems. Chair, if it lacks quality, contributes to discomfort and affect the functionality while performing work. Top chairs provide the greatest degree of adaptability and flexibility, including adjustments to the height, three-dimensional adjustment arm restraints, adjustment of the seatback, the existence of an adjustable headrest and so on.

In addition to these parameters, the quality of materials that the chair is made of is of great importance, as for the seat and the back of the chairs including the chairs frame to. Working chair must be of such a height that the elbows with the forearms are forming an angle of 90 degrees, your knees should also form an identical angle and the feet should lay flat on the floor. So, you shouldn’t be cheap on office chair!

Above all, a well-designed office furniture should be practical for everyday use, comfortable for all employees and eliminate as many those small but annoying problems as possible that are often associated with standardized furniture.

Do you have a need for high-quality custom made office furniture please do contact us with confidence and together we will find a solution to all of your questions and requests regarding your office furniture and the one of your employees.

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