Work desk in your office, especially if you spend a lot of your working hours at it is actually, weather you like it or not, your second home. Therefore, you should not ignore its most important purpose which is work productivity. So, in order for you to be productive, your desk needs to be custom made according to your needs. Manitu d.o.o. offers a variety of customization options for your office desk regarding the size of your office space, the needs of your employees and the type of office work that they do.

For any advice on the functional appearance and best  best preliminary design of your office desk or furniture, contact us with confidence.

A well-designed office furniture should be practical for everyday use, comfortable for all employees and should be able to eliminate as much as possible problems associated with poorly performing standardized furniture.

How to find the perfect office desk

Office desk ( and the chair also) needs to be made of good quality material, which currently means a combination of ubiquitous chipboard and MDF, adapted to the dimensions of the body and flexible, so that each person can adjust their working environment to different movements of the body and the tasks they perform each day.

Before making a final selection you’ll need to consider what your type of office desk you really need. Do you need a computer desk where you’ll be able to mainly perform computing tasks, it will probably be a desk that has an adjustable part for keyboard, height and your feet. L desks are designed to maximize the corners of the office space, while for example U desks ( in a shaped of a semicircle) provide more space for work and movement and thus fore they are intended for people who have a greater amount of work duties and tasks, as well as for offices with more employees.

Now that you have an office desk that suits your needs and adapted to your requirements, you’ll need to take care of few things that will make your job easier and allow you to organize much better while working.

The organization of of the desk

Well organized desk

To begin with remove all the unnecessary things from the table; you should only leave these office accessories that are constantly in use and that you know they should be at your hand. You should throw the rest and make the organization so that everything is available without clogging the desk. Don’t turn your office desk in to a chaos in which you will not be able to cope. The accessories that you do not need every day place them in a drawer, and create an oasis of eye-pleasing environment on your desk. And do not forget to dust every now and then to keep the table clean and tidy.

Your health should be kept in mind. Problems associated with too much time spent in a sitting position, behind your office desk, which are affecting your spine and its lumbar support, have been known for a long time now and are nothing new.

The most ideal solution, if it is possible, includes standing up from your chair, stretching, a short walk or work in a standing position.

All these actions are necessary cause they will help your body take a break from a seated position. In addition to the rest for your spine, a short walk or even better a short stay in the fresh air, will contribute to your productivity and functionality in the office. A brief break will have positiv affect on your creativity; you’ll briefly rest the brain from work you do, which will ultimately result in numerous benefits.

If you have a need for the perfect office desk feel free to contact us and send us an inquiry, and we will try, as soon as possible, to assist you in building you your perfect office desk custom made just for you.

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