Without any hesitation, we can give a short and clear answer to this question. Edge banding is a process where a narrow strip is bonded to the refined chipboard, and also the process of concealing all visible parts of the refined chipboard on different furniture units.

Therefore, when you choose a material (décor and thickness) for your furniture; whether for a kitchen or living room, this material is sent to cutting according to the blueprint based on your needs. Every piece of material cut in that way is full of unprotected sides, which should be concealed or edge banded in order to make the chipboard aesthetically acceptable.

Edge banding strips

Edge banding is done with edging strips, and the most often used are melamine and ABS strips. Melamine strip is made of impregnated and printed paper, where a special type of paper is printed and dissolved by a special chemical resin solution to improve features in paper. This kind of edging strip is cheaper, thinner and usually unbending, it easily cracks and comes off; this kind of strip is not recommended for your new kitchen, closet or any other new piece of furniture, because it will be ruined in a short time.

On the other hand, ABS strip is made of ecological material, with extremely low emission of pollutants, it can easily be processed, it is softer and more flexible, and, by that better for curved edge banding of curved surfaces. At the same time, it is a better and longer lasting solution in furniture production.

Edge banding types

Straight edge banding

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When straight edge banding, the edging strip is glued by a special machine which may and may not have a glue casing. The edge banding quality is extremely important; in order to avoid any damages and coming off, or the bacterial growth and moisture accumulation. ABS edging strips have persistent surface, make the final processing of the product and thus achieve complete functionality and meet the high aesthetic and functional criteria.

Curved edge banding

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Curved edge banding is used for edge banding of irregular shapes – curved, oval, round and similar using special machines for curved edge banding. The band is always ABS and the computer tool used is AutoCAD, in order to send the final blueprint to the saw that will cut it according to the draft.

Laser edge banding

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The special and innovative laser edge banding process enables the highest quality performance in this process. Unlike the classical edge banding, where machine uses the roller to glue the edging strip, in the laser edge banding process the strip welds and merges with the surface and connects better and in a more effective way with the panel. This way, the band and panel are connected without any visible connection or joint; one can see the advantages of laser edge banding in design and product quality and it is definitely recommended for monochrome lighter décors and high glow décors.

Now, since you know what edge banding is and how the visible parts of refined chipboard can be concealed, it is the perfect time to focus on space – saving using multifunctional furniture.For all design related solutions regarding the furniture production, you can contact Manitu d.o.o. with confidence, because we can, due to many years of experience, implement your wishes and design ideas in the best possible way.

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