The front door are the starting point of the journey through the rest of the house. Also, front doors carry a heavy burden of first impression. Just as important the first impression gets when getting to know the other person for the first time, the impression that your front doors leave on your guests is of utmost importance. According to the opinions of psychologists and sociologists, people will associate the look of your front door with the rest of the house because they emphasize the character of the rest of the living space that hides behind them.

That is why, when choosing a front door, you should be guided by the fact to choose the best material. And that’s, unmatched , wood. Wood is the material that stands out the most of the owners personality, and gives the rest of the space individual stamp. Solid wood is characterized by warmth and sophistication, and above all al front door made of high quality, solid and beautifully crafted wood will leave an impression of elegance and provide excellent first impressions.

If you make your self doors with excellent workmanship you will also give an extra dimension to the overall appearance of your home. The exterior doors are the central point of your home, but they are also a very important decorative, functional and architectural addition. By carefully selecting the massive wooden door for your home you give your house a personality and genuine appeal. On top of all this, wooden doors still have a quite a number of  benefits that can not be ignored.

One of the important factors of the wooden front door is fire protection. High-quality wooden doors are the first obstacle to a fire that spreads from outside or inside. Also, they have a very special function an that is to preserve peace and intimacy and quality massive door they neutralize the noise very well. Thermal insulation is also important and wooden doors have the ability to “breathe” and so they help to regulate the temperature and contribute to the process of cooling and or heating the room. At the same time, massive doors are an excellent anti-theft mechanism.

After all the above, it is important to ask yourself : How to distinguish a quality front door from the poor ones? Perhaps the most honest answer would be: non mass production can guarantee the quality that can be provided by a manufacturer who will build you a custom made wooden front doors according to your choice of wood and design. Thanks to the knowledge of profession of working with wood, Manitu Ltd. can guarantee you quality performance and durability in use, and thus fore give you needed safety and security while choosing the right wooden door for your hause.Inquiry

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